It finally happened, as of March 28th at 12:30 AM and after waiting just shy of 2 years I received my invite to configure and order my Tesla Model 3.  Funny thing is that I almost missed it.  Luck should have it, I was up late reading Reddit when someone posted saying that they, a non-owner, have received their invite email.  I quickly looked at my email but there was nothing in my inbox.  Of course, I assumed that I’ll just have to wait a little while.  For some context, I run my own email server and I’ve set a white list of important email senders.  So I didn’t think that I would miss any email from Tesla.  As the story goes, before going back to reading Reddit, I figured I should do some cleaning up of my email.  I receive a tremendous amount of junk mail which automatically dumps into my junk folder which clears itself out in a week’s time.  Lucky I checked my junk folder because in there was my invite.  As it turns out, Tesla used a different source email address (but the domain) for these invites and it was treated as junk.

Before you know it, I was at this screen:

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