I haven’t touched my blog in such a long time, I virtually hear the sound of crickets. What has happened? The short answer is life. The long answer is more convoluted but hopefully I can recall it in some reasonable way. My last post was on July 6th which talked about the Tesla Model 3 entering production. As of this writing, the Model 3 production ramp has yet to make a dent deliveries, especially here in Canada. Actually, I most likely won’t see my Model 3 until late 2018 by all estimates. Not to rest on my laurels, my summer was spent preparing for the day when a Model 3 will grace my garage. By this I mean I built a backyard shed to house the assortment of gardening tools, etc. currently located in my garage along the wall that will hold my future Tesla Wall Connector. This is where life interjected or is at least the result of life interjecting best laid plans. At least the shed was finished, it only took 5 months. Of course, I only built the shed because my vacation plans were sidelined by family medical matters which are only now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I closed out the summer’s boating season with only going on my boat a total of 3 outings, a couple of hours each. I managed to winterize my boat in time but it had its problems. Suffice to say that I didn’t any of my commissioning to-do items done this season.

Now Christmas 2017 is upon me and I trying to get my head above water with cleaning/decorating this year. Don’t know how that will work out though. In either case, I persevere into the holiday season…


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