2015 Boating Season Begins; A Marine Radio Course and Commissioning Plans

I’ve officially kicked off my 2015 boating season by enrolling into the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron’s Marine Radio Course to obtain my Radio Operators Certificate (ROC-M).roc-m-card  Having your ROC-M was required by law for awhile but it it’s only recently that Industry Canada put more focus on it.  The most recent change is assigning the responsibility of administrating the course and exam to the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons.

IMG_0583Getting my ROC-M is just the start of my spring commissioning plans.  I should be completing my course by April 22nd.  After that, I have to plan my bow tow for this year to my new slip at Rideau Ferry Harbour Marina.  Of course, this will be an interesting tow as Rideau Ferry is quite aways from my winter storage location, approximately 1.75 hour drive.  The time is not the problem, the problem is that there is one overpass that I have to go under with a clearance of 14 feet.  The picture of my tow rig from last spring will illuminate my concerns.

Of course, good planning and preparation will hopefully alleviate those concerns.  Besides doing various spring commission tasks on my wish list, I will look into upgrading my Brookhouse iMux.  I say wish list since it’s wishful thinking that I’ll get most of those tasks actually done.  Since in the past posting my plans for various projects helps me in the process of completing them, look forward to other posts about many of my ongoing projects.  Also, I will be posting previous projects that may be of interest to my readers.


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