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Of course, the best place to start is to describe what was the OEM electronics installed on my ’09 270DA.  To give a point of reference, the feature image above shows the stock helm for my boat (with all the options I got).  My 2009 270 Sundancer anniversary edition came with:

  • Sony CDXH905IP Marine AM/FM/CD stereo with digital display remote and iPod connector.
  • Originally a DICE iPod cradle but I changed it to a universal cradle.
  • Originally an AudioVox FPE1508DV LCD flat panel TV.  This was replaced with a Magnavox LED HDTV.
  • Glomex HD omni directional ATSC antenna w/ amplifier/gain control.

So in my effort to outfit my ’09 270DA with full electronics, here’s the part list of what I’ve got so far:

  1. Ericsson W35 Fixed Wireless Terminal
  2. Ericsson W35 12/24V Power Lead
  3. 1 x Marine Antenna 746 – CDMA/GSM/3G (746)
  4. 5187 HD Shakespeare Stainless Steel Ratchet Mount
  5. 1 x Antenna Patch Lead for W30/W35 (RG174NMCX)
  6. 1 x LMR-400 Type Cable Set – 10m
  7. 2 x Blue Sea Systems Medium Cable Clam
  8. SNYSC1C — Sony SiriusConnect Interface
  9. SCC1C — SiriusConnect Universal Vehicle Tuner
  10. Shakespeare Galaxy SRA-40 Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna
  11. RayMarine RD218 w/ 15m cable
  12. RayMarine 33STV Satellite Dish & Control Unit
  13. Bell TV/ExpressVu 4100 Satellite Receiver
  14. Buffalo IR Repeater
  15. SCANSTRUT DPT-SR1-30 Compact Dual PowerTower
  16. SCANSTRUT SC-113 Integrated Light Bar
  17. SCANSTRUT SC-111 GPS Antenna Bar

Of course, mounting all of this stuff will be a task. The most troublesome will be the radome (and satdome) because of the mount. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s two or three thousand.

Radar arch showing the narrow and small mount points.

A custom base plate will be required to install the power tower.

What is being installed…

Here’s the steps/plans I made to install the above:

  • Create a 8″x8″ interface plate, sculpted to the radar/spoiler arch surface, out of starboard.
  • Mount center of the arch the ScanStrut DPT-SR1-30 with a RM RD218, RM 33STV, Shakespear Galaxy SRA-40 on a ScanStrut SC111, and an ScanStrut SC113 light bar. It should look this (though the RM satdome pictured is the 37STV and not the 33STV which is smaller.
  • The following image depicts how the GPS/light bar will be mounted on the satdome plate.

  • Next up is the Laser 746 antenna on a Shakespeare 5187 ratchet mount with a Blue Sea cable clam.
  • Access to the mounts will be through the center access panel and the port LED light.
  • Once the antennas are mounted, the interior mounting begins. I also have to determine how the RM GPS 125 is connected, SeaTalk or NMEA-0183.  This info will be required later.
  • Then I have to mount the ACU and the Bell TV/ExpressVu 4100 receiver/IRD (+ AC/DC power converter), preferably where the electrical panel cabinet, where the Sony CDX-H905IP is located. I need ~10″ depth for a rack style install otherwise I may have to go funky in terms of mounting. Of course, this means I have to cable from the helm/arch/TV to here which is problematic. I just don’t how the wires are routed at this point.
  • The Sirius radio tuner and the Sony interface modules have to be mounted in the electrical cabinet as well. There isn’t much room so mentioning that I also have the Ericsson W35 unit to install as well is giving me a headache.
  • Lastly, having a bunch of IR remote controlled stuff in a cabinet (with no window) is stupid. So either I have to put in a clear glass window or a IR repeater… I went for a Buffalo IR repeater.
  • Lastly, having to put in some data/telephone outlets which I picked up already. The first one is for the cabin and the second one is for the helm (phone only).

Jbox for the cabin.

Of course, a weather/water resistant Jbox will be used for the cockpit.  All these parts round out my installation.  In my next post, I’ll describe how I executed my plans and got into even more electronics like NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, SeaTalk, SeaTalkNG, SmartCraft, & CanBUS.



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