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The Days of June Past

Canada Day Well, it’s Canada Day and the last day of my 6 day weekend break.  For everyone reading this, I hope you had a Happy Canada Day.  For myself, I was content in updating my blog as the weather was not conducive to being on the boat this weekend as planned.  As you can see the weather was so-so by 6 pm but raining off and on earlier including Tuesday.   The Start of Summer Of course, being July…
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Summer Dreams Splashed

Date & Time June 20, 2015 8:00pm Position & Status 44°47’02.7″N 76°13’51.8″W Nobles Bay, Big Rideau Lake Weather Being the first logbook entry, the information presented is a little mixed up.  First of all, I started development of this section (the functional part in WordPress) on my site in February.  After deciding on the format, in the end of May I finally determined how I’ll do the weather “snapshot” for the time/date of a log.  This log entry was first created in May…
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Beginning of Boating Season 2015

  After towing Summer Dreams from its winter storage location on May 8th, here is a picture a week later after waxing the bottom hull.  I’m quite pleased that I’m at Rideau Ferry Harbour as they allow you to work on your boat.  In fact the owner John helped me in parking Summer Dreams, placing her next to a power/water post so that I can wash her and charge up the batteries. Rideau Ferry Harbour is located just outside Smith…
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