Date & Time

February 20, 2015 11:00pm

Position & Status

44°50'58.4"N 76°08'49.4"W
At winter storage


Summer Dreams 1st Logbook Entry

Being the first logbook entry, the information presented is a little mixed up.  First of all, I started development of this section on my site in February hence the date of that time.  However, if you look at the weather snapshot it lists the temperature as 13 C at night.  Obviously, this is somewhat erroneous but the result when I had be build a technique to obtain "snapshots" of the weather.  Environment Canada does not have that function/feature so I had to do it myself.  By implementing PhantomJS and some PHP code, I was able to build a software tool to obtain an image snapshot of the Environment Canada's weather button as rendered by a browser.  The map elements of the log entry are done by Google.  Currently, they using the Google Map API in interactive mode (the static mode can't be used much before it becomes unavailable) but I may do a image snapshot of that too.

Anyway, as of this writing Summer Dreams has been splashed but I haven't officially begun the 2015 boating season.  The below is a representation of where Summer Dreams is slipped:

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