Category for posts regarding rocket science. Includes “New Space” topics and even high power model rocketry.

As SpaceX Knows All To Well, Space Is Hard

Getting to space is hard, really really hard.  Getting back from space can be just as hard or even harder.  This post chronicles some past and present events which show how hard space really is. Why talk about space?  Well, you can thank the space race in the 1960s for the majority of technology we enjoy today like integrated circuits, smart phones, etc.  Television, global communications, weather forecasting, navigation/travel, and other areas exist because we conquered the frontier of space….
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SpaceX Sculpts Future Manned Spaceflight to Mars

One of the passions that has been with me since I can remember is rockets and spaceflight.  As a youth, it started with building and launching model rockets.  As I settled down in Ottawa, I got more involved into rocketry culminating into building and launching very large and very high powered rockets.  At that point, it became an obsession as I sunk several thousand dollars and hours into my hobby.  My personal best is building a 8.5′ long 6″ diameter 1/4 scale Black Brant…
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